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birdandflower designs

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15th April 2010

9:07pm: Fabrics

Originally uploaded by birdandflower
I love painting on fabric. So many projects have my attention right now. painting these is just like eating candy.

23rd November 2008

12:19pm: Christmas tree paper doll for Nibblefest
Nibblefest Or NFAC as it is known by on Ebay
is the once a month art challenge.
NFAC, stands for Nibble Fest Art Contest.
I made a paper-doll for this month's theme:

Click here to find out why she relates to the theme.

NFAC auctions start at .99 cents.
The auction starts at 8:00pm Nov. 20th - until 8:00 Nov 27th.

13th November 2008

12:38pm: New paper dolls from paintings
I have been posting lots of new paper dolls on Etsy:
My goal is to have over 33 items there.
These are coming soon:

The dolls are individually packaged in a cellophane envelope,
and many of the dolls have little extra(s).

15th June 2008

9:03am: katie

Originally uploaded by birdandflower
Paper doll drawn in colored pencil with scrapbook paper dress and puffy stickers.

26th April 2008

6:19pm: I've been busy with spring. Llanite and I planned our garden
during the winter. Llanite had to re-build
the arbor that was blown down by wind storms
around this
time last year.

This year he built an arbor and we have a grown box inside.
There are flowers, herbs and melons around the perimeter
of the grow box.

We are in the middle of major Iris bloom.

I will keep posting more developments.

3rd March 2008

11:36am: New items on sale on Etsy:
I have created affirmations cards for health with
prints of my artwork.
I have several sets:

17 Cards

16 Cards

They are on sale here at Etsy.

2nd February 2008

3:10pm: Latest paper dolls
These are the paper dolls I am working on now:

These will be on sale at Etsy

Each paper doll is 17-1/2 x 7 inches and comes with her own lovebird.

24th January 2008

7:40am: pretty in pink

pretty in pink
Originally uploaded by birdandflower
This is my latest painting. Acrylic and pastels on
water color paper. I love pink, but more of a dusty pink.

I really had fun painting this one.

22nd October 2007

5:40pm: Death Valley Star Party

Llanite Dave and I at the annual fall Death Valley Star Party.
He built his own telescope. There was another guy there who built
his own. So wonderful to see creativity, ingenuity and plain old
problem solving in action.

In the picture above. Jupiter is over my head in the Sagittarius
(actually it will conjunct my moon exactly in a few weeks).
Kaus Australis is over his shoulder.

This picture was taken by Wally Pacholka
award winning astro-photographer. See his fabulous
pictures and more here.

17th October 2007

9:58pm: Paper dolls hand-made angels

These paper dolls are available on Art by Us.

Partly hand painted with acrylics and clothing is usually
printed paper. See individual auctions for details.

12th October 2007

1:05pm: New paper doll and morning thoughts


This morning during my morning meditation, I was thinking
about things that I want to manifest in my life and what I want
for the people I love, and I began to think that if what goes
around comes around is true, I want to send prayers and
energy to every one who wants what I want.

I want everyone who wants a job or is praying for a good job,
or income to be blessed with that dream. I want every one
who is looking for their true love to find them as soon as
possible, I want everyone to achieve, or resolve that one
thing that they are trying for. I also send energy to anyone
who needs a little more to hold on until they accomplish their

I was inspired by a young man I met in the store the other day.
He was close to asking me out and I had to turn him down.
He was handsome and creative and I could feel from his life
that he is so close to finding his dream love. I know because
I have felt that feeling before.

There are so many ways that love can inspire.

3rd October 2007

9:32am: Witch Paper dolls
All three together:

All are sold.
(They are shown without their removable hats)

These two are currently available:

Morrigan - on sale on E-bay

Belladona - on sale at Art by Us

More paper-dolls here

20th September 2007

9:13pm: Retro paper-doll for Nibblefest

This paper doll is on sale on E-bay as part of the
Nibblefest art contest
NFAC. There is a theme each month- this month's theme is
retro. All bids start at .99 cents.

Contest runs for 7 days beginning on the 20th of each month.
Do a search for NFAC, to see what other artists have done
with this "theme".
Current Mood: cheerful

4th September 2007

7:57am: Hopeful

Acrylic pastel, colored pencil on 140 lb watercolor paper.
Measurements: 11-1/2 width x 11 height

3rd September 2007

11:17am: new Painting:

Acrylic, pastels and colored pencil.
Measurements: 9-3/4 inches x 9 inches (measurements are approximate)

This will be on sale at Art by Us.

31st August 2007

4:30am: Slow
I wish I could paint as fast as I get ideas, and I wish I could
post as fast as I paint, (sigh).

fast = often

4:28am: Painting on Paper

Acrylic, pastels, and colored pencil on paper, 11 x 15.

20th August 2007

5:56am: Alice in Wonderland for NFAC

Tribute to Alice. Paper doll. Hand made, handpainted with
acrylics, on 140 lb watercolor paper. Measurements: 7 x 19.

For auction here.

26th July 2007

8:38pm: Painting on Paper - The Three Graces
This is from the series of paintings where I am trying acrylics with pastels and
colored pencils.

Measurements: 11" inches X 15" inches
I had so much fun painting this one that I did it over with the flowers in pink
and the dresses in red.

Measurements: 11" inches X 15" inches

Both paintings are done on 140 lb watercolor paper. I paint the back to make
it lie flat and to help make the paper more sturdy.

These can be found at: Art by Us.

My energy level has been strange, bursts of extreme energy and waves of
exhaustion. I am in the process of having it checked out. Meanwhile enjoying
the prolific days as I can!
8:09pm: July 2007 newsletter
My latest news letter is ready for online viewing.
This is one of the many new paintings I am featuring:

My artwork will be available for sale at Art By Us.

4th July 2007

11:59pm: new paintings and paper dolls

This is a new collage paper doll. I have a hand-painted
paper doll and a large set of cat angel paperdoll in progress blogged here.

I also have a new painting blogged here.

20th June 2007

12:14am: What to do?
This painting has been a work in progress for a long time. I really need to
either finish it, or start over. I painted it on particle board and I was going
to make a folding screen, but the "wood" is way to heavy. I also chipped it
when I moved (3 times) and have basically been in a block trying to decide
what to do. Here is the painting:

On one hand I need to finish it. I am open to what finishing it could mean.
- It could mean finishing this one and repairing the chip and coming to terms
with the weight of it and creating a stand for it.

- It could mean finishing this one and creating another one like it that
is lighter in weight and could be either a triptich and hung or a folding screen.

- It could mean getting rid of the heavy one and not finishing it and just making
a new one using the old one for a reference, but changing some colors and
updating the painting with techniques and skills that I have learned since I
made that one.

it is Mercury Retrograde and I am using the energy to "re-" do, review,
re-think.... you get the picture.

I am posting this on my other Paintings on Paper and Wood blog because
I would like suggestions brain storms or votes, I really can't make
up my mind what to do. I love this painting... HELp!!!!!

19th June 2007

11:02pm: Hot
It's been hot earlier than usual. 103 degrees and more. My morning begins with stretching and meditation and a great big glass of ice cold water. The I go water the trees and plants. We have at least 35 trees, not counting the ones that fell; that were here when we bought the place, and we planted more to shade our house and parts of the yard.

Inspite of the fallen grape arbor and no time to repair it right now, the grapes are doing amazingly well.

The netting is to keep the birds out. So far one has sneaked in. No birds or grapes harmed so far.

This plant has been a mystery until I saw the flowers. The leaves were nibbled on by iguanas that live underneath them so I never could figure out what they looked like, and the plant grew so fast and tall, (almost 7 feet) I kept calling it the "Jack-and-the-beanstalk" plant.

I keep forgetting to post pics of the new honey bee condo, and the amazing bloom of iris's we had. There were hundreds!

1st June 2007

10:18pm: What I've been up to:
My in-laws came to visit. My husband and I had a wonderful time, sharing our life in the desert with them.
I haven't posted much since the great winds came. There has been a lot to do.

We took them to see some of the wonderful treasures of Amargosa Valley. Ash Meadows, Pahrump,
Dante's peak, China Ranch, and my favorite The Amargosa Valley Opera House. I have been wanting to see this for a long time.

The Amargosa Opera House is in Death Valley Junction, a small ghost town. Artist and dancer Marta Beckett has created something magical here. At age 82 up until recently when she hurt her back hanging curtains she performed ballet and sometimes on toe. I haven't seen it yet, but during performance season it is always sold out. Keep in mind the nearest towns are Pahrump, and Las Vegas, both 40-90 miles away. It is truly in the middle of no-where.

The quaint hotel is both mysterious and quirky and not for the faint of heart.

Marta performed alone to a hand-painted audience for many years:

She has written a book about her life: To Dance on Sands.

I find it inspiring because it shows what a life in the arts can look like, that it can be long and on your own terms and it is a wonderful story of determination. Art, creativity, dancing, and ghost town, what a mix!

16th May 2007

5:52am: Mod sixties paper-dolls

-Paper-dolls inspired by 60's fashion for E-bay Nibblefest art contest,
The Groovy 60's. This will be listed on May 20th - 27th. I haven't chosen
one for the contest yet. Listing starts at .99 cents.
Links and individual pics later.
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