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birdandflower designs


18th April 2007

9:34pm: Winds of Change
I have been feeling in a strange mood. A huge disappointment! I was so excited to start my garden.
I got the containers ready, and planned my garden. I could almost taste the fresh veggies....

Then we got these huge winds, 35 miles per hour+ (I think they were much stronger than that!) that blew over the tallest tree in our yard.

They made it impossible to water, and on top of everything... they blew over the grape arbor where I was going to plant my garden.

The poor bees! Their beehive was in an old dresser that was blown to bits.

I have been chasing things across the yard, that really should be too heavy to blow. Impossible to water because the wind dries the water a short while after it hits the ground. The weather was cold, and overcast
and I was achy because it threatened rain with no rain.

I kept trying to make a new plan, but this is the best spot in the yard for planting eddibles. Lots of space, few bugs, and a little shade from the trees, but basically a bright sunny area.

Hopefully next post will be more positive!
Current Mood: defeated by nature
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